2007 Winner - Dirk Dirksen

Dirk Dirksen, Morrow County School District, Principal at Riverside Jr.-Sr. High School

Dirk Dirksen has close to 20 years of service in the Morrow County School District. He has worked his way up from classroom teacher to vice principal to principal. He is an inspirational leader and an excellent role model for staff, parents, students, and other administrators. He is an inspiration to the staff in many aspects of his personal and professional life.

Dirk’s leadership style includes fairness, integrity and a good sense of humor. He is always honest with staff, students, and parents. He is constantly learning things to assure his performance as an administrator is based on best practices. He believes that education is the key to becoming a better professional educator and a better person. He encourages staff towards professional development that will enable them to be better teachers. He is truly an inspirational leader.

Dirk always exemplifies concern for the welfare of others. He often checks on the well-being of students, parents, and staff in crisis situations to ascertain that their needs are being met. He is a caring individual who makes the welfare of others his primary concern.

When Dirk is not involved in school business – which takes a lot of time – he is working for the community. He has an active life involving community service, school service, and family obligations. Mostly, though, he just tries to do what is right for people.

Dirk has a total commitment to excellence. He puts student achievement and success first. He encourages student and staff to ensure their work is of the highest caliber. He instituted staff partners this year, which enables all staff to have a professional mentor who is also a colleague. Dirk has extraordinary people skills and is a positive influence in our school, and his open door policy and leadership style is appreciated. Thank you, Dirk.