2010 Winner - Jerry Copeland

Jerry Copeland -- Superintendent, Athena-Weston School District

Mr. Copeland has worked in education for nearly 25 years, and has served as superintendent of the Athena-Weston School District for the past two years. Prior to that, Mr. Copeland was a principal and assistant superintendent in the Pendleton School District for a number of years.

During his time at AWSD, Mr. Copeland’s leadership has been instrumental in the District’s success. Under his leadership, in coordination with the staff and Board of Education, Mr. Copeland has set aggressive goals in the areas of student learning, attendance, integrating technology, and increasing parent and community involvement and support.

As the superintendent of a small school district, Mr. Copeland also handles human resources, principal and curriculum duties. The atmosphere Mr. Copeland has created at AWSD is one of trust and confidence in each of his staff members, whom he treats as professionals. He allows staff to gain experience and improve skills by stressing the importance of professional development, which, in turn, helps staff to meet the needs of their students.

Mr. Copeland understands the importance of parent and community involvement and feedback, and has conducted surveys to understand their needs. He demonstrates how an effective leader communicates by offering a quarterly newsletter, the “Community Grain,” for parents and community members.

Mr. Copeland has strengthened the access to and training for new technology expectations – classrooms around the District have been outfitted with digital projectors, document cameras, and Promethean boards.

The staff at AWSD says Mr. Copeland directs with heart, passion and sensitivity. His vision of what an extraordinary school district looks like is evidenced by the care he takes with his staff, students, parents and community. Mr. Copeland is a dedicated educator and leader, and his efforts are very worthy of the Doug Flatt Memorial Leadership Award. Congratulations, Mr. Copeland!