Environmental Organization/Work Systems

Event Date: 
Event Time: 
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Host District: 
IMESD Pendleton/IMESD La Grande
Kari Baybado, Susan Rogers, Tonya Smith, Danielle Sackett

Description:  Participants will learn about assessing and organizing classrooms/workspaces and developing work systems to maximize clarity and reduce ambiguity for students experiencing Autism Spectrum Disorder. This training is appropriate for any Educator who is new to environmental set up and work systems currently supporting student(s) with ASD. Participants will have the opportunity to Schedule make and take coaching sessions in their Districts with an IMESD Autism Trainer/Coach to develop student/classroom specific materials. 

To Be Held:

IMESD Pendleton

Juniper Room

2001 SW Nye Ave

Pendleton, OR 97801


IMESD La Grande

St. Joseph Building

1100 K Ave

La Grande, OR 97850


*There will be a fee of $555.84 per person for those districts not receiving Autism service through Eastern Oregon Regional Programs.