Social Stories/Comic Strip Conversations

Event Date: 
Event Time: 
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Host District: 
IMESD Pendleton/IMESD La Grande
Kari Baybado, Susan Rodgers, Tonya Smith, Danielle Sackett

Description:  Participants will learn the basics of writing Social Stories to support students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in a variety of contexts. The basics of using Comic Strip Conversations will be introduced as a tool for developing student’s skills at taking the perspective of others and decoding social misunderstandings. This training is appropriate for any Educator who is new to, or would like a refresher on writing and using Social Stories and/or Comic Strip Conversations. Participants will have the opportunity to schedule make and take coaching sessions in their Districts with and IMESD Autism Trainer/Coach to develop student/classroom specific materials

To Be Held:

IMESD Pendleton

Juniper Room

2001 SW Nye Ave

Pendleton, OR 97801


IMESD La Grande

St. Joseph Building

1100 K Ave

La Grande, OR 97850


*There will be a fee of $555.84 per person for those districts not receiving Autism service through Eastern Oregon Regional Programs.