use GPS/online mapping activities with my students.

Latitude/Longitude and GPS Basics

  • Longitude and Latitude Basics
  • The Find Your Longitude game helps make the connection between the Earth's rotation and time zones.
  • Play the The New Navigation game to learn how GPS receivers determine your location on Earth. This is a slimmed down explanation of how GPS receivers work. Includes nice graphics — including a visual that teachers can relate to Venn Diagrams.


Geocaching is a world wide treasure hunt in which people hide a "treasure" and then post the longitude and latitude coordinates, along with a little hint so that others can find it. Once found, the finder signs a log sheet and, if something is there to take, removes a trinket and leaves a trinket for the next finder. There are thousands of caches in Oregon; caches can be found all over the world!

Ideas for Classroom Use

Lesson Plans

Introductory Materials

Imagery Software and Global Imaging Links

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