Jim Reger - Interim Superintendent, Milton-Freewater Unified School District

The 2013 Doug Flatt winner is Jim Reger, Interim Superintendent of the Milton-Freewater Unified School District. Reger is a person who has dedicated his life to educating children, and the long career he has served in education shows us a significant amount of evidence towards this dedication.

Reger has shown the true meaning of leadership in his district. He has been incredibly effective in creating a sense of partnership with his staff, community members and Board, which has established a level of trust throughout the district that it had not seen in a long time.

A well-respected leader in the region, Reger has been responsible for significant and substantial progress in managing an ever-shrinking budget while still enhancing student learning through additional technology purchases, addressing “big ticket” long-deferred maintenance needs, identifying cost-saving items, dramatically increasing the number of high school students earning college credit, focusing on decreasing the achievement gap, and transitioning the district to the Common Core State Standards.

In the interest of transparent leadership, and as part of the transition to the new teacher and principal evaluation systems, Reger publically shared the results of his evaluation by the school board.

He has had an excellent career, is admired by many, and will be missed by all when he retires at the end of this school year.