Dual Credit


What is Dual Credit?

Many high schools, colleges, and universities participate in a state approved program known as “Dual Credit” whereby high school students take college-level courses in their high school by an approved high school teacher and receive both college credits and high school credits. Courses are “transcripted” on a college transcript in the same manner as regularly enrolled college students and can be used toward a degree or certificate program at the participating college or transferred to another college.

  • Currently the fee for dual credit with BMCC is $31.00 per credit. There is usually no additional cost for books in dual credit courses.

A variety of classes are available in both career and technical and lower collegiate transfer areas. Students and their parents or guardians are encouraged to check with their local high schools for course availability and advising.

  • Students must generally have the approval of their teacher before registering.

Registration forms for BMCC dual credit will be distributed in dual credit classrooms by approved teachers who will also provide the student with specific instruction on how to fill out the form correctly.

  • For dual credit opportunities with other colleges and universities, students should talk to a high school counselor or advisor.

Students should also contact any college or university they want to attend after high school to find out if their dual credits will be accepted. Generally, all Oregon state schools will accept dual credits. Many other public as well as private colleges and universities accept dual credits.

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