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In an effort to be more informative, we’ve listed funding sources for each of the ESD programs. Unlike school district funding, most of ESD’s revenue comes from areas other than local taxes and the state school fund. Many services that districts receive are funded from multiple sources. These include:

General Fund: Resolution dollars that we receive from taxes or the state school fund.

ARRA: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, also known as federal “stimulus dollars.” These funds will disappear after June 30, 2011.

IDEA: The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act provides money for special education. Eleven districts pool their IDEA allocation with the ESD to use in providing special education services to children. Hermiston SD is billed for these services and pays for the services with their IDEA dollars.

State Contracts: These are contracts for special education or educational services between the State of Oregon and the ESD.

Contracts with Component School Districts: Services provided to the 21 districts in Umatilla, Morrow, Union and Baker counties. These contracts are generally provided on a cost-recovery basis or subsidized by the ESD.

Contract with Non-Component School Districts: Services provided to other K-12 schools elsewhere. These contracts are generally provided at a profit to the ESD or on a cost-recovery basis.

Grant Funding: Funding generally provided through competitive grants which are limited in duration.

Medicaid: Services provided to children that are billed to the Federal Medicaid Program which helps cover the cost of the service.

Entrepreneurial Contracts: Services provided and billed to other public entities and non-profits with the express purpose of producing revenue to expand and enhance our IMESD services to districts.

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