Wade Smith, Deputy Superintendent, Hermiston School District

The 2014 Doug Flatt winner is Wade Smith, Deputy Superintendent of the Hermiston School District. Wade has steadily made his way up the school ranks in Eastern Oregon, and understands what it means to educate students in today’s fast-driven, competitive world. He has been a classroom teacher, a principal, and assistant superintendent. As a district office level administrator, he has been instrumental in focusing the district’s administrative team on what is truly important – the students.

Wade has high intelligence, great perspective, and can see many sides to an issue. He has worked with staff and community members alike on various projects and committees, including a successful school district bond measure and subsequent design of the state-of-the-art facilities. He has done an exemplary job of keeping staff members at ease about the process of these projects – further evidence of his compassion and skill with staff.

Wade contributes significantly to the region. Whether the issue involves school budgets, curriculum, or technology, he is always well-researched, inquisitive, and knowledgeable. Recently, he led an effort to unite all the area schools in the development of a common inter-district transfer procedure.