Early Education Eligibility Application

This page is for approved persons to complete the Eligibility Application for families applying for Early Education. Below is the link to the application.

Eligibility Application-Parent/Child information

Solicitud de elegibilidad - información de padres / hijos

Eligibility Verification form (PDF)

English Supplemental

Spanish Supplemental

Who counts in the family

  • Parent-applicant child’s mother, father, other family member who is primary caregiver, foster parent, guardian or the person with whom the child has been placed for adoption pending the final adoption decree.

  • Other Adults-those related by blood or marriage and is supported by the Parent's income

  • Children-those related by blood, marriage and/or adoption and are supported by the parents income.

Information to be verified:

  • Child is 3 or 4 on Sept 1st of the program year

  • Child/Family has residence in Oregon

What counts as income

  • Wages/Salary (gross)

  • Self-employed net income

  • Social Security or other retirement income

  • Unemployment, workers’ compensation, veteran’s benefits, public assistance

  • Alimony, child support;pensions, insurance or annuity payments;

  • College scholarships/grants

  • Dividends, interest, net rental income and other periodic income sources

The following are not counted as income

  • Tax refunds, gifts, loans or one-time insurance benefits

  • Non-cash benefits such as employer-paid health insurance

  • Food or housing received in lieu of wages

  • Non-cash assistance benefits such as Medicaid, food stamps, school lunches or housing assistance

To upload extra/missing eligibility documentation, complete this form. Documentation needs to be a PDF, JPEG, JPG, GIF or PNG.

Drop Form

Providers: complete this drop form when you have a child that has withdrawn from Preschool Promise