Tonya Smith
Director of Regional, Related & Speech Services

Joy Hearn
TBI/Assistive Technology Liaison

Personnel Data:
1.0 FTE

Funding Source:
State & Federal Grants, Local Education EntitiesTon


The Assistive Technology Specialist works with students, parents, teachers, and districts to help ensure that appropriate consideration of student assistive technology needs are provided at IEP meetings, necessary evaluations are conducted, and assistive devices and/or services are provided.

The IMESD provides equipment, software, and technology on a trial basis to assist students with cognitive and physical disabilities. IMESD partners with school districts to find the right tool to help the student be more self-confident, productive, and better integrated into a mainstream lifestyle.

The Assistive Technology (AT) program serves children 0-21 years of age with a disability in the selection, acquisition, and/or use of assistive devices. Services are also available to regional students in surrounding counties. Services are available through contracts.

The IMESD AT specialist provides screening and evaluations for children who have special needs or disabilities. Assessments include observation of the child in a natural setting, in-depth interviews with family and teachers, and a written report including planning suggestions that is prepared and shared with the IED/IFSP team.

An Assistive Technology device is any item, piece of equipment or product system that is used to increase, maintain or improve functional capabilities of students with disabilities. The IMESD maintains an equipment library that houses items from low to high tech.

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