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Caitlin Russel
Regional CTE Coordinator
Fax: 541-276-4252

Rhonda Dockweiler
Administrative Assistant

Erin Lair
Director of School Improvement

Consortium Members:

  • Athena-Weston School District, Weston-McEwen High School

  • Blue Mountain Community College

  • Echo School District, Echo High School

  • Helix School District, Griswold High School

  • Ione School District, Ione High School

  • La Grande School District, La Grande High School

  • Milton-Freewater School District, McLoughlin High School

  • Morrow County School District:  Heppner, Irrigon & Riverside High Schools

  • Pendleton School District, Pendleton High School

  • Pilot Rock School District, Pilot Rock High School

  • InterMountain ESD, Riverbend High School

  • Stanfield School District, Stanfield High School

  • Ukiah School District, Ukiah High School

  • Umatilla School District, Umatilla High School

  • InterMountain ESD Regional Coordinator (ex-officio)


The InterMountain CTE Consortium is a partnership between educators and stakeholders who support Oregon’s vision through a regional, collaborative approach to shared decision making and professional learning.  We are committed to helping districts provide opportunities for all eastern Oregonian students to build successful futures. 

Oregon will reimagine and transform learner experiences in order to enhance their future prospects, empower their communities, and ensure equity in an inclusive, sustainable, innovation-based economy.”

Consortiums provide an opportunity for: small school access to Perkins funds; stronger partnerships between secondary and postsecondary members; shared common work and professional learning for CTE educators; less risk for not meeting performance measurements; and efficiencies gained in the administrative work associated with CTE.  We are governed by an operational agreement and represented by CTE Directors from each member district who provide CTE leadership within their school, district and the region.  Member districts recommit annually to the Consortium and CTE Directors invite regional partners to participate in our collaborative work.  For more information, please consult the InterMountain CTE Consortium Handbook

strategic plan image

Strategic Plan 2020-2024

In the Fall of 2019, the InterMountain CTE Consortium and Regional Coordinator began a year-long comprehensive needs assessment process that included data analysis, surveys and listening sessions of educator, partner agency and community stakeholders.  The result of this process is the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan, which includes a focus on our High Five Industry Sector Needs and goals for strengthening our regional programs of study.

2019-2020 Needs Assessment Process & Timeline

Top 10 from the 2019-20 Needs Assessment

Summary of the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan

2020-2021 Planned Accomplishments and Reflection

2021-22 Annual Action Plan & Budget Summary

Supporting Programs of Study through Pathway Groups

The InterMountain CTE Consortium supports high-quality programs of study and professional development by facilitating 9th-14th grade Pathway groups in Agriculture, Art & Design, Business, Food & Travel, Health Sciences, and Industrial & Engineering Systems.  These groups are led by Consortium Staff or regional instructors to collaborate on program improvement and approval; implementation and alignment of industry, academic and career skills; advisory committee input; and mentoring through industry field trips, school visits, shared investment planning, workshops and other opportunities designed by the Pathway Groups and/or Consortium’s Steering Committee.  These groups are as strong as the teachers who participate in the shared work and are an important source of support and accountability for the Regional Coordinator’s recommendation for state approval and the Steering Committee’s investment of funds.  

InterMountain CTE Pathways Summary

CTE Teacher Licensure

To teach in an approved Program of Study, secondary instructors must have the appropriate CTE licensure/endorsement specific to the program of study.  The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that students are learning from an instructor with current, industry-relevant experience.  There are opportunities for both individuals who come from industry without a traditional teaching credential and have been hired by a school district and current teachers who want to add a CTE endorsement through an Instructor Appraisal process.  For more information, please consult with the Regional Coordinator and review the Consortium handbook.  

InterMountain ESD has partnered with Eastern Oregon University to provide low-cost, flexible, on-line courses that meet the professional development requirements for CTE licensure.  For more information, please visit: