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The Crisis Flight Team is a school-based crisis response team. Members of the team are trained volunteers from schools, churches, private organizations, and outside agencies. When a crisis occurs at a school district, the Crisis Flight Team is contacted and a group of volunteers (usually 3 to 5 individuals) is assembled. The team travels to the school/district and works with administrators, staff, and students to help them process their shock and grief in a safe environment with others who are also grieving. A team is typically called upon when there is an accidental death, suicide, or serious injury of a student, teacher, or administrator.

Situations to assist:

  • Death or serious injury of a student or staff member

  • A traumatic event or any event which polarizes, isolates, or shocks people, such as the arrest of a staff member

Crisis Response Team assistance often includes:

  • Crisis management procedural support for building administration 

  • Coping strategy information for building staff

  • Support Rooms for students and/or staff in crisis

  • Monitoring and counseling for students/staff in need

  • Filling in for building staff so they can deal with the crisis

  • Facilitating community referrals and networking

  • Assisting with follow-up needs

School administrators can request Crisis Response Team support through IMESD by calling 541-966-3115.

For detailed information about the Crisis Response Team structure, function, and services or if you are interested in becoming a member of the team, please contact the Program Coordinator listed at the bottom of this page. 

For additional information, click on the following links:

IMESD Crisis Response Team Flow Chart- for the district point person

After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools -pdf booklet by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Memorial Activities at Schools-a list of do's and don'ts after a crisis

IMESD Crisis Response Manual- for district point person and crisis response team members

Community Resources for Students and Families-handout

Mental Health Resources-IMESD mental health web page

Program Contact Information

Michele Madril
Crisis Flight Team Coordinator



Jennifer Camarena
School Safety and Prevention Specialist