Cheri Rhinhart, CETL
Chief Information Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Rob Naughton
Director of Business Development

Keri Standley
Office Operations Manager


InterMountain Technology has evolved over the past several years into a regional technology service center known for its positive influence throughout the state of Oregon. We support the K-12 community and also serve public, nonprofit, and government agencies. InterMountain Technology strives to engage in creative, cost-effective solutions that align with each organization’s goals and objectives. Customers depend on us for technology solutions customized to their specific educational and/or organizational needs.

In addition to Component K12 schools, InterMountain Technology provides IT support to a number of neighboring non-component K12 schools as well as municipalities and county government agencies. The goal of our entrepreneurial activities is to build capacity to better serve our local component schools. As a result, IMESD is able to provide additional services to our component school districts at no additional cost, including Erate management and more coverage at a lower cost.

The combined experience and expertise of our staff is unmatched in the region. We employ staff with specialized expertise in network, server, telecom and web development, including 20 technology specialists with a variety of hardware and software skills needed to support end users.

Our team represents a wide range of technical and professional know-how and a diverse set of skills and experience. Our analysts have a wide variety of experience and understanding of Cisco, Microsoft, Linux, Dell, virtualization, wireless, security, and Internet content filtering. In addition, all InterMountain Technology staff are Dell-certified hardware technicians, and we are a supplier of Dell hardware procurement services and Microsoft software licensing procurement for non-profit organizations.

E-RATE Management

For the past 21 years, IMESD has provided outsourced E-Rate filing services. Our expanding list of 80+ customers are located in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. In fiscal year 2018-2019 we successfully secured over 9.6 million in E-Rate funding for our customers.



IT support services with InterMountain Technology allows you to take advantage of our 24/7 web-based helpdesk portal. Customers have the ability to submit, track and receive automatic notifications of technical support and projects. The system will initiate the request and automatically assign the ticket to the appropriate staff member to address the issue.


Technology Procurement

We can assist in your technology purchases, large or small, and have relationships with multiple vendors to meet your purchasing needs. This includes Dell, Apple, and Cisco hardware as well as Microsoft software.