Thank You 2018 Supporters!

Let 'er Buck Room Donation

Let 'er Buck Room Donation

The IMESD thanks volunteers from the Let ‘er Buck Room for their $4,000 donation to the Children’s Rodeo. Mike Ledbetter, Round-Up Director for the Let ‘er Buck Room, has organized the generous donation for several years.

“We greatly appreciate the continued generosity and support by the Round-Up Association and specifically the Let ‘er Buck Room for students in eastern Oregon,” said Karen Parker, Children’s Rodeo director.

Photo Caption: From left, Chrissy Nelson (IMESD), Jill Ledbetter and Mike Ledbetter (Round-Up), Linda Smith, Char Surber, Karen Parker and Michele Madril (all IMESD) pose with the donation check from Let ‘er Buck Room volunteers.

Swire Coca-Cola & Pendleton Walmart Donation

Swire Coca-Cola & Pendleton Walmart Donation. The IMESD thanks Swire Coca-Cola and Pendleton Walmart for their donation of $2,216.50 to the Children's Rodeo.

"We greatly appreciate this generous donation from these two companies for our event and look forward to their continued support in years to come," said Karen Parker, Children's Rodeo Director.

Photo Caption: From left, Shawna Nulf (Pendleton Walmart), Karen Parker, Cheryl Palmateer, Linda Smith, Kirsten Zerba and Terri Spriet (Swire Coca-Cola)