Dr.Mark Mulvihill
Marla Royal
Executive Asst. to the Superintendent
Jon Peterson
Assistant Superintendent
Beth O'Hanlon
Chief Financial Officer
Corrina Robinson
Director of Special Education Administration
Rob Naughton
Director of Business Development
Michele Madril
Director of Communication and Print Solutions
Marissa Loiland
Co-Director of Early Learning Services
Cade Burnette
Co-Director of Early Learning Services
Larry Glaze
Director of Operations & Facilities
Jerry Copeland
Director of Human Resources
Cheri Rhinhart
Director of Information Technology
Nick Lapp
Deputy Director of Information Technology
Eric Volger
Director of Migratory Education & Assessment
Erin Lair
Director of Teaching and Learning
Tonya Smith
Director of Regional Programs & Related Services
Chris Bettineski
Director of School Psychology & Behavioral Services
Denyce Kelly
Program Resources Director