Blue Mountain Academy-Day Treatment

Blue Mountain Academy-Day Treatment is a psychiatric  day facility for children ages 5-12 years old who have emotional and behavioral disorders and have trouble functioning in a regular school setting. 

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Typically, children are referred to Day Treatment by their current therapist or their school.  Parents can also refer their children.  For more information please contact us.


Madeline Koenig
Director of Student Services

Lindsay Mitchell
Administrative Assistant

Who We Serve

We primarily work with children who have had a significant trauma in their young lives. We serve children between the ages of 5-12 years old (K-5th grade). We also work with children with a variety of needs and disorders such as; PTSD, ADHD, Emotional/Behavioral regulation issues and Explosive Disorder. We offer therapy, skills training and academics.

More Info

While the children are at Day Treatment, we provide them breakfast, lunch, and snacks. We are following the USDA guidelines for the food we serve. We set up transportation for our students to and from Day Treatment while they are in the program.  We typically like to get the children out of the building and work on our skills in the community. We like to go to the library, the parks, dance, and the art center.

Process Snapshot

Once a child has met their goals both at Day Treatment and home, we plan as a team to return them to public school. We notify the school that the student has completed their work at Day Treatment and schedule a meeting with family, the school and Day Treatment to determine when the child will begin public school and the hours the child will be there.

For the first few weeks, the child will attend school with a Day Tx skills trainer to make sure the child can cope and use the skills they have learned to be successful.

When the student can remain in school for the time specified and no longer need support from Day Treatment, the child will be transferred to an Outpatient therapist to continue their therapy in a less restrictive environment.