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Eastern Promise is a program that encourages students to earn college/post-secondary credits while attending high school in eastern Oregon. Eastern Promise is a collaboration between the InterMountain Education Service District (IMESD), Blue Mountain Community College, Eastern Oregon University, Treasure Valley Community College and 45 school districts in the region. The program creates opportunities for high school students to participate in college-level courses and Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes and earn college credits and/or certificates while still in high school.

There are two goals of Eastern Promise:
Build a college/post-secondary going culture.

Increase access to affordable early college credit for eastern Oregon high school students toward certificate/degree completion.

Eastern Promise College Credit Subject Areas:
Speech, Health, Biology, Chemistry, Writing, Math, History, Spanish, Computer Science, Success 101, various Career Technical Education Courses (CTE)


You have many opportunities for enrichment and early college credit available to you. Does your school district pay for college credit tuition? Here is some information to help you. If you need more help or advice, ask your high school academic counselor.

Blue Mountain Community College

Eastern Oregon University

Virtual Learning Academy website

Updated AAOT High School Checklists Coming Soon

Eastern Promise/Early College Contact:
Madeline Koenig, Director of Equity and Student Success