Academic Momentum--Eastern Promise

Eastern Promise increases the college/post-secondary going culture of our region through a two-phase program called Academic Momentum.

Beginning in the fifth grade, students affirm the desire to work toward developing academic habits that will prepare them for post-secondary education or training. As part of this plan, students visit college campuses to get a sense of the college/university environment. A commitment on the part of the students, families and schools is also the basis to begin shaping informal 10-year plans outlining goals for individual educational and career futures. Continuing through sixth, seventh and eighth grades, students and parents will become more acquainted with all the processes and procedures to apply to college, acquire financial aid and successfully navigate other dimensions to higher education. In the second phase, students entering ninth grade will participate in a class (Success 101) that follows a well developed and tested curriculum called “Career Choices.” This rigorous course requires career investigation and creation of formal 10-year plans, which help high school freshmen look years into the future and think about how academic decisions made in high school might impact their post-secondary education/training and career outlook.

Students can earn college credit for this class. Institutions across the nation have seen increased high school graduation and college attendance rates attributed to this program.

List of Books for Careers and Occupations

Eastern Promise-Academic Momentum