The Oregon Trail REN seeks to build systems of recruitment, retention, and support for our regional educators.

The current aim of OTREN is that by June 2024, 80% of educators will report professional growth after participating in REN programming.

What is a REN?


The Educator Advancement Council (EAC) was created as a public-nonprofit partnership through state statute to significantly improve professional supports for Oregon's public educators. The council launched 10 Regional Educator Networks (RENs) across Oregon. The RENs facilitate a process that centers the voices of educators to operationalize meaningful, systemic changes to improve recruitment, retention, and professional learning. They do this work through a networked continuous improvement process; the RENs will not initially organize around a solution, program, or an initiative, but rather around improving systems of support for educators along the educator advancement continuum. All of the RENs are engaging in work that centers antiracist, culturally sustaining policies and practices to co-create racially affirming environments for Black, Indigenous, and educators of color (BIPOC).

System Organization

This system is organized by ten Regional Educator Networks (REN)/Sponsoring Organizations with an emphasis on local context to ensure training and support are responsive to the local strengths and needs of educators and students of their region. 

External Links

Further historical context of Regional Educator Networks and the Educator Advancement Council can be found at:

Click here if you would like to receive information from the EAC. This is independent from Oregon Trail REN.

Oregon Trail Regional Educator Network Contacts

McKennon McDonald, Oregon Trail REN

Betty Palmer, Oregon Trail REN Administrator Coach:

Jocelyn Jones, Oregon Trail REN Administrator Coach:

Emily Williams, Oregon Trial REN Data Specialist:

Jordan Monaco, Oregon Trial REN Initiatives Communication/Digital Media:

Beth Naughton, Instructional Coach:

Ayla Olson, Instructional Coach:

Jennifer Teeter, Instructional Coach:

Dave Williams, IMESD Director of School Improvement:

Counties and Encompassing Districts of Oregon Trail Regional Educator Network

Umatilla County (serving 12,989 students)

Districts include: Athena-Weston, Echo, Helix, Milton-Freewater, Nixyaawii Community School, Pendleton, Pilot Rock, Stanfield, Ukiah, Hermiston, & Umatilla  

  • 10 teacher reps

  • 1 state/agency reps

  • 1 administrator rep 

Baker County (serving 4,879 students)

Districts include Baker, Pine Eagle, & Burnt River 

  • 3 teacher reps

  • 1 administrator rep

Overall CB: 60% teacher voice

Oregon Trail REN Counties Served

Union County (serving 3,556 students)

Districts include LaGrande, Cove, Elgin, Imbler, North Powder, & Union 

  • 7 teacher reps

  • 1 state/agency reps

  • 1 administrator rep 

Morrow County (serving 2,396 students)

Districts include Ione & Morrow County  

  • 2 teacher reps

  • 1 administrator rep

Interested in Learning More About the Coordinating Body?

Coordinating Body Vacancies: 

  • State Agency 

  • School Board

  • Professional Education Association

  • Non-Profit Organization

  • Pilot Rock School District Educator

  • Federally Recognized Tribe

Membership Letter

Who is Our Coordinating Body?

Current 23-24 Coordinating Body Members

Selection Process for Coordinating Body Membership

  1. Identify Coordinating Body Roles as set out by Original REN plan

    1. One teacher representative from each OTREN partner district

    2. One administrative representative from OTREN counties: Umatilla, Morrow, Union, and Baker

    3. One State/Agency representative from the following: State Agency, School Board, Professional Education Association, Philanthropy, Non-profit Organization, Higher Education, IMESD, Federally Recognized Tribe, and Educator Preparation Provider

  2. Annually, OTREN staff communicates with current Coordinating Body members to gauge interest in continuing to serve in their role.

  3. OTREN staff reaches out to district or agency leadership if a vacancy exists. It is advertised on the OTREN website with a Google Form available to complete if interested in serving.

  4. District or agency leadership solicits interest from their staff and proposes a name to represent them to the OTREN staff.

  5. OTREN staff onboards new members by sharing meeting dates, providing an introductory welcome letter, and is available for any questions.

  6. If a vacancy occurs during a school year, OTREN staff repeats this process from Step 1

    *If you are interested in serving on the OTREN Coordinating Body or would like to learn more about opportunities within the OTREN, please contact McKennon McDonald.*