Scope of Work

Goal of Oregon Trail Regional Educator Network

The Regional Educator Network's (REN) objectives are focused on systemic changes to transform how we support the public educator continuum. There is a unique emphasis on teacher voice that will drive the conversation and inform the initiatives that are specific to the project. 

Based on educator feedback and the continuous work done by the representing Coordinating Body, Oregon Trail REN is focused on increasing educator participation in relevant professional learning opportunities.  

REN Work

Current Operating Plan

The 2021-2023 Oregon Trail REN Biennium Plan has been approved and will guide the region's work for through 2023. Further supporting documents include:

  • The Educator Advancement Council asked each REN to perform a self-evaluation based on a framework that outlines the vision of the EAC Directors. Below is the submitted self-evaluation.

  • To accompany the self-evaluation, Oregon Trail REN has created a planning document to support the self-assessment and assist in drafting the 2021-23 regional plan.