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As part of National CTE Month in February, we are highlighting educators who work in Career Technical Education in Eastern Oregon school districts.

Meet Janci Sivey, Health Science Teacher at Hermiston High School, Hermiston School District.

What do you teach? I teach three of the five healthcare classes at HHS. Each year, students in these classes can grow in healthcare skills, ranging from general healthcare practices/background knowledge to focusing on Sports Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Nursing and Phlebotomy. Even if students choose not to pursue a healthcare career, they are still learning health skills that could help save their life or someone else's life one day. This year we added a phlebotomy certification class, where seniors have the opportunity to earn an industry certification.

What is your district’s CTE focus during the 22-23 school year? How can we reach more kids? Hermiston High school has a solid CTE program with lots of opportunities and options, but we still aren't reaching every student. Some students still haven't chosen a path and that is fine, but is it because we don't have a program they are interested in or are they just unsure of what they want to do? 

How do you think CTE is making a difference for students in your district? CTE education in our district offers students a chance to gain experience and skills in a trade/occupation. That could be learning how to weld, build a house, take care of an injured patient or athlete, marketing skills or reporting. For some students this is a great path into a career or apprenticeship and for some the rigor prepares them for college. Either way, students are gaining skills and knowledge to become a productive and successful part of our community. 

What is something people may not know about CTE in your district or about teaching in the CTE field? High school staff have a good understanding of CTE classes. However, staff at middle and elementary schools may not know about the classes and opportunities we offer. I like to think everyone knows about our programs, but I think many are unaware of some of the great opportunities HHS has and the staff who make it all happen.