Administration/Leadership/Coaches Literacy Workshop with Yolanda Westerberg set for August 16th and Disciplinary Literacy Workshop set for August 17th are both canceled.

However, we are still on for Monday, August 22nd for a K-5 Foundations Writing Workshop with Yolanda Westerberg!

This session will include:
+Yearlong Planning
+Common Terminology across grade levels
+Different Products, Different Structures
+What is a "Mini-Lesson" and How to teach it
+Making a Roadmap for Instruction
+Creating a Community of Writers
+Writing is a skill-teaching stamina
+Writing Process made easier
+Writing about Reading and Taking Neat Notes
+Launching Writers Workshop and Launching Units

If you have any questions about signing up or would like more information please reach out to Ashely Harsin. Ashley.Harsin@imesd.k12.or.us