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The Beginning Teacher Meetings: Grow Series is about to begin this Friday 9/9/22!

If you are a beginning teacher (first three years of teaching) looking for more support and training this series is for you!

The series will start on 9/9 and end on March 10th. It includes 6 in-person trainings, three instructional coach classroom visits, and two learning walks! Additional supports, such as one-on-one coaching and coaching cycles can also be requested throughout the year.

G- set GOALS for your year and celebrate your successes

R - REVIEW your classroom management plan, teaching and learning strategies

O-ORGANIZE your classroom space and communication tools

W- WORKSHOP and collaborate with other beginning teachers

This specific series is currently being offered in LaGrande but there will also be one coming up for Umatilla and Morrow Counties as well.

For the schedule and/or topics of study for the series, please check out the flyer .

To sign up please use the QR code in the photo or registration link.