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During October, IMESD has been highlighting our Instructional Services Department. Meet one of their employees!

Jennifer Teeter is an Instructional Coach. She supports all component districts and Oregon Trail REN (Regional Educator Network) districts in the region.

Can you describe your job? My job is to serve all regional educators as a trusted partner in their professional growth and learning journey. Instructional coaches provide one-on-one coaching for teachers as well as lead professional development and content-specific educator huddles throughout the region.

How does your job contribute to student success in our region? We focus on serving as teacher advocates and supporters who strive to encourage, motivate and inspire teachers as they help students in their classrooms succeed. Our goal is to help teachers create empowered learners who take ownership for their learning and demonstrate a growth mindset in all they do.  

What do you enjoy most about your job? Getting the opportunity to work with new teachers and helping to support them as they learn and grow. It is also wonderful to make connections with each school in the region and witness firsthand all the great work that is taking place in our schools!

What is something people may not know about your job? Our job as instructional coaches is often misunderstood to be support for only those teachers who are struggling, which is not the case. We are not evaluators who are there to criticize, judge or correct teacher performance. We focus on partnering with teachers who want to grow as educators -- from new teachers to veteran teachers, we strive to support and encourage learning for all.