employee spotlight

IMESD is currently highlighting our Early Learning Services Department. Meet one of their employees!

Kayla Harvey is an EI/ECSE Specialist in the Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education program.

Can you describe your job? I teach a Kindergarten Readiness program in Joseph. My job is to get four/five-year-old students ready for the next step in their education journey! 

How do you think your work contributes to student success? I think my job helps students get used to a school setting so that they’re ready to go into kindergarten next year. I also think my work helps them create and build social skills that they will carry and use throughout their whole lives, not just their school career. 

What do you enjoy most about your job? I enjoy the students the most. They always have so much energy, they’re never really sad or unhappy and they’re always so honest and up front with you. I also really love the endless hugs and “I love you’s” I get from each of them every day. 

What is something people may not know about your job? Some people may not know how challenging it is to be Pre-K teacher, but also may not know how rewarding it is, because you get to be their first school experience and their first teacher.